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We have leading experience in all areas of Podiatry with specialist services including:

  • General foot care: the treatment of corns, calluses, fungal toenails thickened toenails, warts, skin conditions.

  • Ingrown toenail treatment 

  • Knee pain

  • Foot and ankle injury and pain management including muscular and joint conditions, arthritic conditions and soft tissue injuries

  • Sports injuries and rehabilitation - sprained ankles, Achilles Tendon injuries, heel pain, shin pain (often called shin splints), foot related knee pain and arch pain

  • Biomechanical and gait (walking) assessment - gait and foot posture analysis and assessment, focusing and analysing your foot posture and walking style and its effect on your lower limb, movement and mobility 

  • Orthotics: custom made and prefabricated foot orthotics to treat, maintain and improve your foot health, activity levels, foot function and foot posture 

  • Diabetes foot care - neurological and vascular testing and treatment of people with Diabetes to assist in managing and preventing Diabetes foot related complications 

  • Children’s foot health - we can treat your child’s foot pain and assess, manage, provide advice on and treat developmental foot and postural issues 

Our specialised clinics and services include:


  • Foot Orthotics Clinic 

  • Sports Medicine and Running Clinics 

  • Shoe Fitting and Assessment Clinic 

  • My First Steps Clinic: recommended for children pre-walking or who have just started walking. 

  • The Follow Your Dreams Clinic: have you set yourself a goal? Do you need to stay injury and pain free in order to run that marathon, do that triathlon or just to enjoy life? Have you taken up a new hobby which is asking a lot more from your feet, ankles and knees? We can provide you with assessment, treatment and advice on how to keep injury, pain free and active in order to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest. A first for Podiatry, Atherton Road Podiatry Centre specialises and leads the way in this expert level of health care.
  • Expert evidence and medico-legal reports. 

  • We also sell specialised footwear allowing for your complete assessment, treatment and footwear prescription.