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Specilised Podiatric Footwear Oakleigh

At Atherton Road Podiatry Centre, we stock, fit and supply specialised podiatry recommended footwear - Dr. Comfort. As well as fitting, we give relevant recommendations on footwear that is specific to you.

Why is footwear important?

Footwear is important for numerous reasons, such as;

  • Protection

  • Allows you to move freely

  • Comfort

  • Correct distribution of plantar pressures

  • Decrease risk of musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies

What to look for in shoes:

  • Protection and covering
  • Appropriate fixation
  • Appropriate depth
  • Type of material the shoe is made of - is it appropriate for what you are going to do in them?
  • Flex where your toes flex
  • Grip

In a fitting or assessment of footwear, we will specifically look at what you activities you are doing in your footwear and assess if they are approriate for you. Every individual requires different needs from their footwear, along with different support and features depending on foot type and shape. 

For more information or fitting, come in or call us on (03) 9568 1011 today.